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English Translation of Key Sentences in the Report of  The Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee



指導思想(guidance):高舉中國特色社會主義偉大旗幟,以鄧小平理論、“三個代表”重要思想、科學發展觀為指導(to hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, follow the guidance of Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important thought of Three Represents and the Scientific Outlook on Development)。


總目標(general objective):完善和發展中國特色社會主義制度,推進國家治理體系和治理能力現代化(to improve and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics and push on with modernization of the country's governing system and capabilities)。


時間表(timetable):到2020年,我國在重要領域和關鍵環節改革上取得決定性成果,形成系統完備、科學規范、運行有效的制度體系,使各方面制度更加成熟更加定型(Decisive results must be achieved in key sectors, and a well-developed, scientific, procedure-based and effective framework must be in place by 2020 to ensure institutions in all sectors be more mature)。


改革重點(key of the reform):經濟體制改革時全面深化改革的重點,核心是處理好政府和市場的關系,使市場在資源配置中發揮決定性作用和更好發揮政府作用(Economic reform is key, and the core solution is the proper relationship between the government and the market, leaving the market to play the decisive role in allocation of resources)。


新設機構(newly established institutions):中央全面深化改革領導小組(a central leading team for comprehensively deepening reform),負責改革總體設計、統籌協調、整體推進、督促落實(in charge of designing reform on an overall basis, arranging and coordinating reform, pushing forward reform as a whole, and supervising the implementation of reform plans);國家安全委員會(state security committee),完善國家安全體制和國家安全戰略,確保國家安全(improving systems and strategies to ensure national security)


改革要點(main points of the reform):


1. 堅持和完善基本經濟制度(to keep to and improve the basic economic system):增強國有經濟活力、控制力、影響力(to enhance the vitality of the state-owned sector of the economy and its capacity to leverage and influence the economy),激發非公有制經濟活力和創造力(Development in the non-public sector will be encouraged which will in turn stimulate vitality and creativity in the whole economy)


2. 加快完善現代市場體系(to speed up the improvement of modern market system):完善主要由市場決定價格的機制(to improve the market price mechanism)


3. 加快轉變政府職能(to speed up the transformation of government functions,):建設法治政府和服務型政府(to establish a law-based and service-oriented government)


4. 深化財稅體制改革(to deepen the reform of fiscal and tax system):完善立法、明確事權、改革稅制、穩定稅負、透明預算、提高效率(to improve related legislation, ascertain government bodies' responsibilities, reform the taxation system, stabilize tax burden, ensure budgeting is transparent and efficiency improved)


5. 健全城鄉一體化體制機制(to improve institutions and mechanisms for promoting integrated urban and rural development):賦予農民更多財產權利(to grant farmers more property rights),推進城鄉要素平等交換和公共資源均衡配置(to enhance equal exchange of factors of production between urban and rural areas and balance allocation of public resources between them)


6. 構建開放型經濟新體制(to build a new open economic system):放寬投資準入,加快自由貿易區建設(to relax investment access and speed up construction of free trade zones)


7. 加強社會主義民主政治制度建設(to improve the construction of socialist democratic political system):發展基層民主(to develop grassroots democracy)


8. 推進法治中國建設(To build China under the rule of law):確保依法獨立公正行使審判權檢察權(to ensure independence and fairness in prosecuting bodies and courts under the rule of law)


9. 強化權力運行制約和監督體系(to strengthen the restriction and supervision system of power operation):健全懲治和預防腐敗體系,建設廉潔政治,努力實現干部清正、政府清廉、政治清明(to improve the establishment of a system of combating corruption through both punishment and prevention, promote political integrity and see to it that officials are honest, the government is clean, and political integrity is upheld)


10. 推進文化體制機制創新(to promote innovation in cultural institutions and mechanisms):完善文化管理體制,建立健全現代文化市場體系(to improve the cultural management system and establish a modern cultural market system)


11. 推進社會事業改革創新(to accelerate reform and innovation in social sectors):深化教育領域綜合改革,健全促進就業創業體制機制,建立更加公平可持續的社會保障制度,深化醫藥衛生體制改革(to deepen overall education reform, improve the institutions and mechanisms of employment and starting business, build a fairer and more sustainable social welfare system, deepen reform of the medical and health system )


12. 創新社會治理體制(to innovate the social management system):創新有效預防和化解社會矛盾體制(to innovate a system that can effectively prevent and solve social contradiction)。建立國家安全委員會(to establish the state security committee)


13. 加快生態文明制度建設(to speed up the building of ecological civilization system):實行資源有償使用制度和生態補償制度(to establish a system of compensation for the use of natural resources and the subsequent impact on the ecosystem)


14. 深化軍隊和國防改革(to deepen the reform of army and national defense):深化軍隊體制編制調整改革(deepening reform of army establishments, pushing forward army policy adjustments)


15. 加強和改善黨對全面深化改革的領導(the CPC must strengthen and improve its leadership in comprehensively deepening reform):中央成立全面深化改革領導小組(The Communist Party of China (CPC) will set up a central leading team for "comprehensively deepening reform")

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