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A Maple Leaf Stowed in Diary
Like the color of sunlight caught by my sleepy eyes through the window curtain when getting up in the morning, the leaf, a little corroded by years with speckles, yet steams simple and primitive fragrance. Its figure looks like a cheering gesture, also stretching arms preparing for a zealous inarm even more.
What a lovely maple leaf!
The fresh but light mood when I first unfolded the envelope and took out the leaf still retains in my memory. It is a sentence of blessing from distance, a smiling face through time and space, a yearning heart of a friend.
Each time setting eyes on the leaf, I can feel a warm current flowing deeply in my heart because I am thinking tanto: ablins on an autumn dusk, my friend was taking a walk on a woods path when cold wind was blowing off countless autumn leaves and she unconsciously picked up a flaming one, as well as picked up one of her friends—me! And then she put the very maple leaf in when she wrote a letter one day. I can even manage to imagine her charily pasting stamp and mood of content and expectation. Ah, it is beauteous friendship that gives rise to the fair story between us and turns us into the happiest people then and present!       
Now and then, after coming through a busy period of work or study, I always feel that there is a lack of something in my life till someday I incidentally open up my diary only to find by surprise that it is the maple leaf--“Oh, my dear friend, how are you getting along recently?” then I am unclouded to appreciate that each single day is bright with sunshine and every man around me is so kind and so favorable so that my drowsy heart again is sanguine.      
And when the hurly-burly of daytime is overcastted by darkness of night with solitude, I am sometimes at a loss in dim lamplight till I clap eyes on this old maple leaf which puts me into my role as bending over the desk quietly to read, write or ponder.
How can I deliver my appreciation to the maple leaf and its sender? By enchasing it into crystal glass is too cutesy and by sticking it to a brochure is too worldly. Alas, just the same stowing it in my ink-smelt diary to preserve my trueness in the luxury and material pleasures of urbanism and render me an anchorage of hope and on an alien land of loneliness and homesickness.
Thank you, maple leaf; thank you, my friends!
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